Women more active than men on social media via mobile

Women more active than men on social media via mobile

Its often percieved that men dominate technology and content. But this is not the case.

30 per cent of women access social media daily compared to 26 per cent of men.

Facebook is used most by both sexes – of course – with 76 per cent of women compared to 66 per cent of men – and second is Tumblr, where ladies prevail once more with 54 per cent and gents at 46 per cent.

46 per cent females are more active via their mobile, and 32 per cent on tablets compared to 43 per cent and 20 per cent respectively.

The only social media site that blokes actually use more is Linkedin who has 24 per cent men and 19 per cent women.

30 per cent of girls are more likely to access an account daily and when they do they are more likely to interact with a brand.

54 per cent to show their support compared to 44 per cent males, 53 per cent accessing offers – 36 per cent men, 39 per cent do so to stay current and 28 per cent to comment.

Check out the infographic.

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