Will.i.am & narcissism’

Will.i.am & narcissism’

Will.i.am says leisure time has become a ‘time of narcissism’

Will.i.am doesn’t think we’re using downtime correctly.

“Everyone just wants to take fucking selfies at dinner on their time off. We went from being productive in times of leisure to being narcissistic,” he told Mashable in an interview at Wayra — a London incubator for early-stage startups.

“We just have to let that weed out. Let us go through that technological adolescence and then 2020 will be a year of ‘I can’t believe we did that.'”

Even though he’s been harangued a few dozen times by selfie-taking entrepreneurs, he says he rarely instigates them.

“You go to a restaurant everyone is taking a picture, no one is even having conversations.”