Google loves Spotify

Google loves Spotify

Google loves Spotify, which is hurting Apple, which is in a war for Global domination against..Google…and people say music has lost its value!!

If you hadn’t noticed, the rivalry between Spotify and Apple is starting to boil over.

And when we say ‘boil over’, we actually mean going from red hot to molten – and threatening to melt everything the music industry once held sacred.

No drama.

Where to begin?

On one level, this is a battle of two similar products simply trying to out-do each other: see Spotify’s new Discover Weekly feature – a trenchant riposte to Apple’s popular ‘For You’ playlist picker.

On the other side, witness Apple’s insistence that its human-based music curation can trump anything Spotify’s Echo Nest machine-makers have up their sleeve.

It’s some contest.

But compared to what’s going on behind the scenes, it’s small fry.

The real Battle Royal is taking place in the judicial and legislative arena of the United States.

And this week, whispers have turned into bellows.

Things are getting nasty