About Andrew

A content Manager with international experience in the UK, Europe, Dubai, Africa, Australia, Asia and USA, across all media platforms

Winning awards for Apps, games, Music, Online sites, Radio and TV projects.

Able to provide creative management to projects across Digital, App and Web platforms, with compelling content, defining strategies and precise planning.

Achieving successful results, always on time and within set budgets. Assisting brands in defining their objectives and growing their brand and user engagement.

Highly developed creative skills in design, content, web systems, App developement and team dynamics.

I have created exclusive content for a range of entertainment platforms, which includes 100s of Apps, 10 content management systems, 40 websites, over 200 radio stations and 6 TV channels.

Successfully produced over 1,000 live major broadcasting events with a range of content for more than 100 top personalities and 400 music acts.